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Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Registration Requirements

Owning a vehicle is one of the most enjoyable and memorable events in life. Many have sacrificed a lot to make their dream of buying a vehicle a reality and there are already many car owners who understand that buying a car is not an easy process. To buy a car you have to go through many processes. If it is a commercial car then the process is more lengthy.

Buying a vehicle requires a lot of documentation. In this article we will discuss what documents are required to buy a vehicle and specifically what are the processes for vehicle registration.

Vehicle Registration Requirements

What is vehicle registration?

While buying any vehicle, the first step for you is to choose your dream vehicle but when you go to any showroom, the first step in buying a vehicle is vehicle registration. This vehicle registration confirms that the vehicle is roadworthy. Registration of a vehicle is mandatory without vehicle registration you cannot drive the vehicle on the road. Your vehicle must be registered by any government authority to legally drive in India.

This registration links the vehicle to the owner ,address and financier.

In order to register the vehicle you need to have some other certificates such as pollutant capacity test, insurance verification, car safety standard test etc.

How to register a vehicle?

You need to contact your regional transport office or RTO office to register your vehicle. Each state has its own RTO office which offers a wide range of vehicle related services and it is through this RTO office that you can register your vehicle. Once your vehicle is purchased you have to contact your nearest RTO office on your own responsibility to register.

After you buy the vehicle, the dealer or seller will give you a temporary number valid for one month only but you have to register your vehicle to make that number permanent or get a new permanent number. Your vehicle will not get a permanent registration number until your vehicle is registered and de-identified.You should apply for registration of your vehicle before the expiry of one month validity.

Documents required for new vehicle registration:

  • Application form 20. You need form 20 to register your new car. You can proceed to the next step only after filling this form.
  • Copy of sales certificate issued by the dealer.
  • Copy of valid proof of vehicle insurance policy.
  • A copy of a correct address proof of the vehicle owner, be it adhaar card/ passport/ Pan Card
  • Temporary registration issued by the dealer.
  • Registration fee.

Process Of Vehicle Registration:

  • Go to Your nearest RTO office.
  • Fill up the form 20 and submit it.
  • Submit the registration fee + tax.
  • Once the registration payment is completed by you the vehicle will be inspected by an inspector.
  • The RTO office will enter the vehicle data in the central database after checking the condition of the vehicle by the inspector.
  • The RTO Superintendent will verify these databases.
  • After all these processes are completed the RTO office will start the process of getting a smart card which you will get by post office.