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Why Pollution Under Control Certificate is Essential for Every Vehicle Owner

Every vehicle, bike or car needs to have their emissions monitored through a centralized system. For these emission monitoring requirements, the Government of India issued a regulation in 1989 under the Control Certificate or PUC. These Motor Vehicle Rules are made mandatory for every vehicle. Every vehicle should have a Pollution Under Control Certificate following the vehicle emission norms.

Pollution Under Control Certificate

What Is Pollution Under Control Certificate?

A level of emissions is set by the government and the PUC Certificate proves that the emission level of your vehicle is within the government approved levels. This document conforms to the environmental standards established by the government. This certificate can only be issued by an authorized testing center and its results will be mentioned in the vehicle’s pollution certificate.

Why is a PUC certificate required?

Carbon emissions from every type of motor vehicle contribute to air pollution, so PUC documentation is mandatory as it validates that the emissions from your motor vehicle are below the pollution control norms of the Government of India. Regular checks ensure that the overall pollution levels of vehicle emissions are under control.

Smoke emitted from motor vehicles pollutes the air, a PUC certificate is a must to keep air pollution or environmental pollution levels under control and this certificate ensures that the vehicle complies with pollution regulations and does not cause any harm to the environment.

A car owner must have documents like a car insurance policy, registration certificate, driving license and PUC certificate as per the Motor Vehicle Act to keep a car.

A valid PUC certificate document is a must, in order to permit a vehicle to run on the road, the owner of the vehicle will be fined if this document is not available, this document or this certificate is valid for one year and after one year the PUC test must be conducted again as per rules and confirmed to do that from your motor vehicle smoke emissions are reducing air pollution.

What are the advantages of a PUC certificate?

There are numerous benefits of having a Pollution Under Control Certificate and if a motor vehicle owner does not have this certificate, the owner must pay a fine. Benefits of PUC certificate are:

1 Mandatory by law

You must have a valid PUC certificate for your vehicle, otherwise you will have to pay a fine instead as per the law. If you want to avoid fines and remain a proper citizen, then as a motor owner you must have a valid PUC certificate.

2 Controls pollution

Carbon emitted from every motor vehicle pollutes the air, and you have to go through a test to control the level of this pollution.

This certificate requires you to go through a series of tests, which ensure that the level of carbon pollution emitted by your motor vehicle is under control.

3 Track overall status

During a PUC certificate verification it is verified whether your vehicle is eco-friendly or your vehicle health is updated there by helping to track the overall condition of your motor vehicle.

What are the methods of PUC certification?

Pollution under control certificate test procedures are:

Step 1 : First you need to take your motor vehicle to a pollution test center or RTO office for a pollution test.

Step 2 : An authorized tester will begin testing the vehicle’s emission levels. And for this PUC certificate you can physically visit an exam center or you can do it online.

Step 3 : The motor vehicle’s ignition must be turned on to analyze carbon emissions.

Step 4 : After the test is completed correctly the device will display the reading on the computer screen and an operator will take a picture of the vehicle registration number plate and generate the pollution control certificate.

Step 5 : The vehicle owner has to make some payment to the RTO office to generate the pollution control certificate and once this payment is done and after proper inspection a vehicle owner can collect the PUC certificate.

How to Download PUC Certificate?

Earlier PUC certification work was done entirely through paper and pen i.e. offline but now in the digital age you can download PUC certificates online and for that you have to go through a few steps.

Step 1 : Go to the motor transport portal and click the “PUCC” option from the menu bar.

Step 2 : The portal will ask you for a few details like registration number, registration number and security code. After putting these details correctly you click on the ‘PUC Details’ button.

Step 3 : After clicking the button you will be redirected to a new page where PUC certificate details will be displayed, you can download PUC certificate from there.

To be a motor owner you must have a few documents only then you can drive on the road. One of them is a PUC certificate. If you don’t have the certificate you will have to pay a fine. A valid PUC certificate is a sign of being a proper citizen and proper vehicle owner.