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Yes – you can avail a car loan by providing a copy of your land or house ownership if you do not have income proof.

If your credit score is low, you can get your car loan approved with the help of a family member (Ex: spouse) as a guarantor. The guarantor should have income proof and a good credit score.

Yes, this is called balance transfer. We help you apply for a car loan with the new bank. They will foreclose the existing car loan and transfer the remaining loan amount to you from the new bank. You will be having the surplus loan amount for your utilisation after the foreclosure of the existing loan.

If you have taken a top-up loan on the existing car loan from the same bank then the outstanding amount + top-up loan could be more than the new amount that is required for foreclosure and balance transfer. Hence, it is difficult to get the balance transferred in such cases.

The loan foreclosure charges vary from 3 - 6% based on the bank or NBFC.

Floating interest rates means that if the industry interest rates reduce then the bank also applies the changed interest rates from that date onwards. But this is mostly not applicable on car loans, except for some PSU banks. This is primarily seen in the home loan market.

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