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10 Essential Road Safety Rules You Should Never Ignore

Road Safety Rules

As the saying goes – ‘Caution doesn’t kill’ or “Better to be safe than sorry”. Every day many people face accidents due to aggressive driving or negligent traffic safety. Everyone should follow basic guiding principles and be aware of themselves and others. There are road safety rules that you should follow to stay safe on the road. In this article we will discuss the importance and significance of road safety rules.

Guidelines of Road Safety

  • Everyone should be aware of traffic laws and obey them while on the road.
  • While crossing the road, one must cross through a zebra crossing.
  • Always look left and right when crossing the road and do not cross the road until the road is clear.
  • Motorists should be aware of traffic signals and drive when green.
  • Many accidents have been caused due to smart phones so whenever you drive or walk on the road you need to stay away from devices like smart phones.
  • If you own a bike, you must wear a helmet while riding.
  • In the case of four-wheelers, you and the person sitting next to you must wear seat belts.

Importance of Road Safety Rules

We often sadly hear in the news about people involved in traffic accidents or road accidents who have paid the price with their lives or many have been seriously injured. To stay safe on the road we have certain traffic safety laws which many of us often don’t follow and get into accidents. Whether we are walking or driving, we must obey certain traffic safety laws while on the road.

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The importance of road safety rules is that accidents can be prevented if these rules are followed. Obeying traffic signals is very important to keep the vehicle speed limit adequate. You should never drive while drunk, it involves your own life risk and the life risk of other people, they should be fined heavily.

10 Road Safety Rules Approved By The Government

  1. Always keep to the left when driving on the road.
  2. Use zebra crossings to cross the road.
  3. Never rush on the road.
  4. Always look right and left before crossing the road and cross only when it is clear.
  5. Always use sidewalks to walk on streets.
  6. Never stick your head or hands out of a moving vehicle.
  7. Seat belt and helmet must be worn.
  8. Always get off the vehicle in a safe direction.
  9. Never jump off public transport such as buses.
  10. Always use narrow roads for cycling.

Significance of road safety

You should learn how to be aware of road safety from those who do not follow road safety rules and die. Warnings have been issued repeatedly from traffic or news channels to follow safety rules but many have been seriously injured due to non-compliance. People often start disobeying traffic laws which can lead to various jams or problems on the roads and even street fights are seen. Road safety rules are essential because they help drivers know how to protect not only themselves but also other drivers from avoidable harm and maintain order on the road.