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Tata Punch EV Receive Highest Safety score by Bharat NCAP

Tata Punch EV

Tata Punch EV has been recognized as India’s first safest EV by NCAP. On June 13 2024, NCAP recognized the Tata Punch EV as the safest EV in India, Tata Punch EV has received the highest score of 5 star safety ratings from Bharat NCAP. With this rating, the Tata Punch is recognized as the safest vehicle on Indian roads. India’s Road Transport and Highways Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari was seen handing over the B-NCAP certificate to Tata Motors officials.

Bharat NCAP is a new car safety assessment program that gives star ratings to a car based on its performance in crash tests and these ratings prove how safe the cars are for a driver or passenger. This program i.e. Bharat New Car Assessment Program will be applicable to vehicles of m1 category up to 3500 kg which will provide an indication of the level of protection of the consumer by evaluating the vehicle.

While evaluating the safety of a vehicle, the Bharat NCAP focuses on:

  • The Bharat NCAP focuses on the AOP of a vehicle as an AOP tries to reduce injuries to adults during a crash through seat belts, airbags and structural safety.
  • A vehicle’s COP confirms how safe the car is for a child.
  • A vehicle’s SAT determines whether the vehicle has technologies such as automatic braking and lane assist to increase safety and prevent accidents.

After direct evaluation on the above mentioned points Bharat NCAP has given five ratings to Tata Punch EV where AOP got 31.46/32.00 and COP got 45.00/ 49.00 which is still the highest score given by Bharat NCAP.

On 13 June 2024, Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Motors and a pioneer of India’s EV revolution, announced that the Tata Punch EV and Nexon EV have achieved a safety rating of five, indicating that it is one of the safest vehicles on Indian roads and yet Highest rating given by Bharat NCAP.

Shri Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India expressed “his heartiest congratulations to Tata Motors for this remarkable achievement of five star rating for Tata Punch EV and Nexon EV under Bharat NCAP. This certification is in line with the Government of India’s vision for safer vehicles in the country and emphasizes the role of Bharat NCAP in making India’s automobile industry self-reliant”. He also said that Bharat NCAP vehicle safety standards are important in realizing the Indian government’s vision to make India a global automobile hub in the future and increase its export potential in the international market.

On Tata Motors’ remarkable achievement, Tata Motors officials commented that safety was once less talked about, but is now a top priority for Indian car buyers as Tata Motors has brought safety for both passengers and drivers, where safety is the norm for all Tata Motors vehicles in DNA.

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Tata Punch EV is the biggest attraction among Indian buyers and currently Tata Punch EV has attracted more than 10,000 buyers. It is not just an electric SUV made by Tata Automobiles, it is a bold step into the future of mobility. Not just safety, the Tata Punch EV also scores highly in terms of convenience and is accessible to customers.

Features and Specification of Punch EV


Model & Variant

Tata Punch. EV – EMP + S LR

Body Type

Compact SUV

Vehicle Weight

1626 kg

Country of Origin


Publication Year



  • 6 Airbags
  • 360 degree SVS
  • ISOFIX ( Standard)
  • All four Disc brakes
  • SOS calling
  • Hill descent control
  • Electronic Stability Programmed

Safety Equipment



Frontal airbag

Frontal airbag

Belt Pretensioner

Belt pretensioner

Belt load-limiter

Belt load- limiter

Side head curtain airbag

Side head curtain airbag

Side Chest airbag

Side chest airbag