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Get the Best Resale Value Cars in India with Apna Car

While you think about buying a car then you must look at several factors to shortlist and choose the perfect car for you. The resale value a car commands in the used car market is the most important key factor. As we know cars are depreciating assets, allowing for the resale value gives a fair plan of the future value of the car after certain years of ownership. Some cars, though, have a higher resale value than their competitors and several factors crash this value. In this blog, we discussed four cars with the best resale value cars in India.

best resale value cars in India

List of 4 best resale value cars

Below we discuss the best-featured cars with the best resale value cars in India based on their key specifications.

  1. Maruti Alto 800

  • Alto has now become a household car name for its increasing popularity in the Indian auto market.
  • This brand is also popular for its low pricing, easy maintenance, and high fuel economy have made it the highest-selling entry-level car in the Indian market.
  • Trust the fact that the owner of an Alto 800 may resell the car for almost 80% of its original value even after three years of ownership.
  1. Maruti Wagon R

  • Maruti Wagon R is also the best resale value cars in India.
  • Except for being reasonably priced, this brand has an excellent resale value, and Maruti’s nationwide network of top-notch customer service outlets adds to the car’s value.
  • So, the approximate depreciation of the Wagon R stands at around 20% in three years, allowing the owner to reclaim most of the acquisition cost of the car.
  1. Ford Ecosport

  • With the best features Ford Ecosport is also considered as the best resale car in the Indian market. It comes with 6 airbags and has extremely robust built quality. So, the brand is the safest car in the country.
  • Even though the brand is not as popular as the compact Ford SUV, the Maruti Vitara Brezza has a market of its own.
  • Being amongst the best resale value cars in India, the Ford EcoSport can keep around 80% of its original value even after three years of ownership.
  1. Hyundai Creta

  • The Hyundai brand lunches in the year of 2015. Also, it is the highest-selling SUV in India.
  • It not only offers a stylish look but also offers a comfortable ride along with after-sales support from Hyundai, making it a coveted option in the new and used auto market.
  • Moreover it is one of the best resale values, offering approximately 85% of its value even after three years of ownership.

Last but not least

Apart from age, numerous factors go into deciding a car’s resale value, like spare parts cost, service history, brand image, and availability, insurance coverage, and others. While, the level of wear and tear is the most significant of them all, and this is why it’s always advised to keep your car as maintained as possible, to keep the best resale value. If you are in the market for a used car that has a good resale value, this blog will help you in making a sound decision.